Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A New Limited Gown from Sascha's

Every designer who chooses to make limited editions do things their own way. Some create an item that's available for a certain amount of time then it's never offered again and others create a number of items offered, and once they're gone, they're gone for good. The latter works for Sascha's, and this week, a brand new Limited gown became available.

Special thanks to Face Paint, Truth and Vanity Hair, Juicy Shoes and DD Jewelry

Since there are only a number of these gowns in existence, if you're one of the few who decides to invest in one, you'll know that wherever you go in Second Life, you'll have a unique beauty that's rare. Everyone on or offline feels a little akward when they show up to a party wearing the same dress as another. With a limited gown, this is so very unlikely to happen.

La Seine, the name of this claret colored gown, comes with several options. Tulle skirting in two styles encircle the waist when worn as a mini. The option for tulle again comes as a longer skirt, with or without the speckled layer. And if you want the full flourish of an extravagant evening gown, that's in there too. Additionally, there's a lovely red hat with feather and a matching speckled tulle bolero. Combining these pieces offers a lot of options and makes the investment that much more valuable.

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