Saturday, July 21, 2012

UEMA Presents Morea Designs: A Boat Load of Beauty

Long ago, the Morea set sail in Second Life and tonight, the ship anchored in the Villa del Morea, its home town to celebrate 5 terrific years!

Morea Decosta, owner and creator of Morea Designs, makes clothing for all occasions and this evening's fashion show displayed the wide range very well.

Suzy Wise represented Morea Designs. Suzy works as Morea's manager.

Violetcrush Bravin and UEMA hosted the event. Violet and her team of talented  personnel put together a world class experience for Morea, the models, and the many guests present. The COO of UEMA, Issy Flatley, built the set and acted as Show Director as well.

Leezah Kaddour spoke as MC for the evening. Poised and prepared, she represented UEMA and Morea very well.

Fun frocks highlighted the evening with lots of fluttery material caught up by the sea breeze. Many different lengths of silky swatches swathed the women who modeled these looks.

Whether you shop for casual or chic, evening or business, you'll find something suitable to wear at Morea Designs.

Some of the gowns looked as if they were lighter than air, and many summer hues painted a rainbow of color on the boardwalk as the various models disembarked the good ship Morea.

Other pieces had rich deep hues with matching jewelry that glittered, perfect for the fanciest of evenings out on the town. These women were ready for a ball or a night at the opera in the finest Morea has to offer.

As the last of the models worked their way towards the audience, gasps were heard and rousing applause. The wedding gowns were each unique and very different examples of the perfect wedding look.

So many attended the soiree. At one point, there were over 60 present to enjoy the work UEMA and Morea Designs collaborated to present. 

All good things come to an end... or do they? The ship Morea sailed back into the sea of Second Life, into the next chapter of their story. Five years behind them, and so much ahead... Ahoy!

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