Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liv Glam Releases for July 4th - Caryn Silk Suit and Make-up HUD

Wednesday, just another day, well a holiday for those of us in the U.S., a holiday we love to laze about and enjoy, and a day that began with a warm fuzzy positive emotion for me. 

Something special happens when you see a design by a content creator you adore that has your name on it. The Caryn Silk Suit made my day. Not because it was a holiday, or any other Wednesday, but because someone did a little something special and wow - what a meaningful treat!

Plum, Noir, Navy, and Rouge (left to right) - Olive not shown

An absolutely fantastic pair of silk harem pants nestles tightly round the waist with a band that reflects either a silvery look or gold depending on the color you choose. A sexy sweet corset tucks into the pant's hem and dips just low enough round the bodice to tease the eye but still look sophisticated. Then a structured jacket with bright buttons and a repeat of the gold or silver in the pants completes the look.

This mesh suit makes me think of that first date that you set, maybe for lunch so you don't get your hopes set too high, but you still want to look your stellar best, just in case this special person ends up being the ONE. Slide into this silky treasure and plan something decadent to do with whoever rocks your world. Lunch, dinner, a movie, who knows... Liv-Glam will be there with you, making you look as beautiful as you want to feel!

Special thanks to Face Paint, Osmose Hair, Sexy Mama Nails, Finesmith Jewelry and N-Core Heels

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