Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liv-Glam Secret Wednesday Deals - Wow!

At rare times, I find myself speechless. I've been watching the mesh products develop in our Second Life with interest and at times amazement. About 90% of Liv-Glam's products have at least a portion of the outfit made of mesh and each new item looks more stunning and more refined than the last.

This week, that's true for the two offerings for Secret Wednesday. The gowns are each very elegant and formal. The first has dark tones which will work well as summer wanes and you begin looking for the right combinations for fall as well yet has the spaghetti strap and slimming sleek long look that's fantastic for those still long summer evenings.

The second definitely has an autumnal flair. The gown itself again hugs to every curve perfectly as only mesh can do, with texture crafted so well you know someone with great skill worked very hard on it. Then flexible skirts of sweeping silk flutter at your feet and a beautiful fur jacket offers comfort to ward of that evening chill as you step out to your favorite club or visit with friends at an end of summer party.

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~

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