Tuesday, July 24, 2012

blah:BLAH:blah New Releases!

A bevy of beautiful designs comes to you from blah:BLAH:blah.

First, a selection of very short... short...
SHORT... little dresses are available. The Camo series reminds me of the ever popular military prints. Cupcakes anyone? The cute little blue dress will make you crave cupcakes or something else super sweet! And oh how short is that gold dress? Sexy sultry swimsuits are also sold at blah:BLAH:blah and this red with skulls suit shows so much skin. ooo la la...

Another style swimsuit displays the sleek lines of a female in a single piece with lots of peek-a-boo holes to seduce your favorite someone. Chaps, leather and smolderingly hawt lingerie brings out the cowgirl in you. How small can a mini-skirt get and still be called a skirt? Friends of mine might call this set of skirts a glorified belt. It's not much wider, is it? And if you're looking for something simple and casual, you can pick up a selection of printed tees designed with an extra long hem.

Camo Punk Dress in 3 colors
Cupcake Wars! Dress in blue
Glam Girl Mini 5 colors
Laced Front Swim Suit 9 colors
Peek-a-boo Mini Sequined 4 colors
Ride em Cowgirl Chaps
Zebra Swimsuit 7 colors
Printed Tees 6 styles

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Jewelry by Finesmith
Nails and Prim Feet by Candy Nails

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