Thursday, May 22, 2014

Come *Sky* With Me -- Featuring Lybra from Couturier's Docks, 1 Hundred from Designer Showcase, Sky from FASHIONART Faire, and [Liv-Glam]

This collection of items really made me smile as I dug around in my bag to make pieces mix and match and use things from a whole array of people to make it work. Sometimes it's just like an 'AHA!!' moment, and that's how this outfit feels. Sky Summerwind's New Tapestry Overalls are an exclusive item for FASHIONART Faire. The Bianca jewelry from Libra as well as the clutch are new from The Couturier's Docks and as I looked closer at the pieces, I could see a faint echo of the print on Sky's coveralls. I pulled a cute one piece lingerie bodice from 1 Hundred's items at Designer Showcase. Decorative Fancy Heels for SLink feet (high) from [Liv-Glam] could also be interpreted as very close to the prints and color scheme. You have options with [Liv-Glam] Fancy Heels not shown because there are color change options on the HUD.
Sky's store grows every time I drop by and I'm always smiling to see it. Her passion related to the store, artistic creation and branding and marketing match the zeal of other successful movers and shakers in Second Life. She just needs to put in time, let others get to know her, and in my opinion, she's doing that very well. She creates items for a number of events, and keeps her main store stocked well. She offers sale items, and even participates in a Free club where every so often, she shares a brand new item, absolutely free. It's fun to see the absolute delight of someone realizing their dreams, in progress. I took these photos on her sim so I could show and tell you just a little bit more about her.

I'm grateful for each designer represented in this blog:
Featuring Lybra Bianca Clutch and Jewelry Set from Couturier's Docks
Featuring 1 Hundred Little White Lace Dress from May's Designer Showcase
Featuring Sky Tapestry Overalls Exclusive FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist
Featuring [Liv-Glam] Boutique Fancy Heels for SLink High Feet
1. EMO-tions: Silja
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Candice Marigold Skin Tone
-- Kyxe Candy Powder Blue Shadow
-- Kyxe Glamour Ombre Ocea Lips
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Felicia
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
5. PoseWay Chic Set

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