Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FASHIONART: Lybra, {NanTra}, HOLLYHOOD, !Fabouzz, Frogstar, M&M, *~Damesfly*~, NailedIt, DEADPOOL -- !Elemental, Face Paint

Rather than tell you three separate stories tonight, I want to share with you one big story, and show you a whole passel of items that will be available in two days at the FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist.
So many different participants means unique and fun pieces to mix and match. Each photo will attempt to blend several designers in a way that shows them to the best of my ability and enough to tempt you too.
I went and got SLink feet as a part of this process and have three pair of SLink mesh shoes. SLink just released a High version of their bare feet, and designers at this Faire have used both the Mid and the High to create shoes, so as a consumer, you might want to check as you shop, to differentiate between the two.
This outfit from Lybra may be one of my favorite outfits from the whole faire, but to be fair, I haven't tried on everyone's art yet so it's early to be saying favorite. I just thought the concept was fresh. The heart emits particles while the face globe radiates light. The unusual twist of chains makes a pair of angel wings like I've never seen.
All the photos use poses from {NanTra}, a pose creator I did not know prior to this event. I enjoy discovering new creations by new creators!
The angel photos and the photos with the Geko dress show two colors of the same heels from HOLLYHOOD. The emerald heels in the middle series of photos come from M&M Incorporated. I had not worked with either of these designers either.
Because of the beautiful glowing globe, I chose to go bald, completely bald with that outfit. The other two styles come from *~Damesfly*~. Lucas, the short style, has photos of both genders wearing it. The updo blends a bit of elegance but in a way that's easy, loose and summery instead of formal elegance.
I like the line of the Geko dress from DEADPOOL. The collar flips up just enough to be chic. !Fabouzz created the dress with irises, something short, simple and beautiful to wear.
As I shared over the weekend, Face Paint opened it's doors after the owner Eve Express took a hiatus. Two new releases, Breezy and Smoked Beauty 2, accented both outfits with the dresses.
I've also just begun to blog with items from Designer Showcase, and the gorgeous gold jewelry set from !Elemental accented the black Geko dress remarkably.
Accessories are the key to completing any style and the FASHIONART Faire has its share of them. NailedIt created a new set of nails and have them for SLink, as Mesh and also as Prim, so no matter what your preference, it's there.
I'm looking forward to other designers that are new to me as well as familiar faces, so to speak. I'm so glad you paused to read and support this work I truly love!

Set 1: Chains are Wings
Featuring !.Lybra.! Captive Heart from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist 
Featuring {NanTra} Kinetic Poses from FASHIONART Faire by The Glamourist
Featuring High Holly Mesh Black Vida Heels from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist
Featuring SLink - New High Heels
1. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
2. Candy Nail: Enishi White
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone Make Up 10
4. MG: Lashes Wild Full Thick

Set 2: Irises
Featuring !Fabouzz VG Iris Broken White Dress from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist
Featuring Frogstar Pearl Drop Necklace Blue from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist
Featuring M&M Incorporated Brooke Heels Autumn Bag Emerald from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist
Featuring *~Damesfly*~ Lucas Non-Rigged from FASHIONART Faire by the Glamourist
Featuring Face Paint Breezy
1. Bliensen + MaiTai SLink Nail Applier Flowers
2. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
3. SLink Mid High Feet
4. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Magnifica
5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Orchid
-- Innocence - Subtle Purple Shadow
6. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
7. {NanTra} Kinetic Poses from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist

Set 3: Geko
Featuring Holly Mesh Gold from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist
Featuring NailedIt SLink from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist
Featuring DEADPOOL Down Under Art Geko Dress from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist
Featuring *~DAMESFLY*~ Kalina from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist
Featuring Face Paint Smoked Beauty 2
Featuring !Elemental Carinna Blue Chalcedony from Designer Showcase
1. [nikitafriede]: Ludic Dreams Lashes
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Blossom Skin Tone
3. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
4. SLink: High Feet
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. {NanTra} Kinetic Poses from FASHIONART Faire by Glamourist

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  1. Great job Caryn! Haven't been to the Fair yet but am going after seeing this. Thank you Dear! Hugs, Blue♥ <333