Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fantasy Beckons -- EMO-tions Unique Pieces Add to Your Fantasy

There's a new program coming to the U.S. - at least my neck of the woods, and of course because I wanted to comment on it as it relates to my photos tonight, I can't find a single link to show you what's coming. I imagine it's like most good vs. evil type programs. They've been doing them as far back as Westerns, where you always knew the good guy had the white hat.
Characters written into books, or created for screen play often have an off balance blend of both good and evil. Words like the anti-hero were created for people like Walter White, a man who did many horrible things, illegal things, all in the name of helping his family (or was he?). And we find characters like Riddick, who comes into the story as the 'bad guy' but it takes little time for us the viewers to realize that he's an anti villain and he spends more of his time in the movie doing good deeds than keeping up his dark and dangerous persona.
The fantasy created by just a few key pieces in any style can end up pulling a dollop here from one extreme on the continuum, and then pair it with the opposite extreme. I saw dark accessories for a female from the future or perhaps a supernatural creature. I also saw how that black played against the simple white lace catsuit I created. Am I more like the anti-hero, or the anti-villain. I'm sure it reflects dependent on my location and mood. Even then I might be as able to self-define as it would be for one of you to make that determination.
EMO-tions has items at the Gacha Fantasy Fair including hair that has a headband, and jewelry pieces as well. I took the Aboni headband, a Gacha Rare prize, and paired it with another EMO-tions hair style to create a different look. The unusual wings and leather black armor also come from EMO-tions, called Bellona, and suited to the Fantasy of that event. As I said, the white lace suit comes from Caryn's creations. Sometimes when I'm not sure what piece fits best into a puzzle, I just create a piece myself.

I had such a joyful evening styling and thank each of the following for making it work:
Featuring EMO-tions Aponi Headband Rare (Gacha)
Featuring EMO-tions Bellona Rare (Gacha)
1. [[j'adore]] Tiffany
2. Danielle: Aztec Earpieces Gold With Jet
3. Catsuit by Caryn
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Blossom Tone with Blond Brows
-- Kyxe Frost Metallic Lips
-- Kyxe Dark Golden Sparkle Shadow
5. MG: Party Lashes
6. EMO-tions: Judith
7. blackLiquid: Marker Deluxe
8. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes

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