Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sexy Might Help You Find Trouble -- Featuring Carrie's Lingerie, FINESMITH, EMO-tions, Liv-Glam @ Designer Showcase, Moondance Boutique, KaTink Poses

All the ways Carrie's Lingerie might get you in trouble... The GOOD kind of trouble. 1. You wear it out to a party and at least 8 men and 3 women IM you to introduce themselves. (Good yes?) 2. You wear Carrie's Lingerie on a date with your special someone and you get a little extra sumpinsumpin. (Really Good yes?) 3. You wear Carrie's Lingerie on a blind date and by the end of the date, you're a new partner to someone special. 4a. Your lover says "Where IS this Carrie's?" because she wants to look as hawt as you do next time you enjoy one another's company. 4b. Your lover says, "Where IS this Carrie's?" because he wants to buy you new pieces when they're released AND he discovers there's a whole section of Carrie's for men! 5. You love Carrie's so much, you decide you want to volunteer there, or just hang out there and get to know the regulars because you know it's a special community and not just a store, and you want to be invested in a company and group of people you really enjoy. (And then you find out every so often, Carrie hires new Assistants from her loyal, very important people, people who've loved her work for a long time and supported her.)

Okay, so none of that is trouble, but Carrie's Lingerie can be a positive catalyst for SO MUCH FUN! This I know first hand. Lori is a leather look, something a bit different from the other pieces she's released recently and exactly the reason I wanted to own it and style it. I put the new hair from EMO-tions with it, and face chains are part of that hair. There are other ways to style Mantus, the new hair, so I'll share it with you a couple of times so you can see the multiple uses. Samantha S. Jones and Liv-Glam does EVERYTHING well, and with my passionate lust for boots, I could not by-pass this pair of Parrow Stripped Thigh Boots that are at May's Designer Showcase.
Moondance Boutique has a little bit of all sorts of accessories and this set of nails comes as prims to add to your hands rather than appliers you'd get to change SLink hands. It's one more way to use fingernails now in SL. At the heart of every style has to be good poses. KaTink Poses has created a third set of the Catwalk series and each of the sets released in this category have been useful to a passionate blogger.
A personal note and one that could not have in a million years remotely presented itself, except that the great Creator has a wondrous sense of humor. My Zachary, the younger of the two sons, the one who's been hard headed, moved out, upset his mother for having a little less than a clue how to live in a grown up world, my baby whom I love more than life itself. I love both my sons to the gazillionth degree. This Zachary wore 'ZMAN' on his baseball cap and lettered on his soccer jerseys for years as a child. This same ZMAN decided at the spur of the moment to get married at the Waffle House by a man who happened to be a regular customer who happened to ask ... yes, blah blah, what??
And that same day, Ms. Yula Finesmith created a new watch set in several colors and the name - ZMAN. It was sentimental, for a silly old mother who really would have wanted to be invited. I could care less if family does things grandiose or tiny, with loads of money or very little. I don't have a lot of material sense of value, never have. I would have wanted to BE there though. So my wildly unpredictable ZMAN got married, and this new watch I have on for this styling reminds me of that special guy, and his new wife, and good things yet to come.

Featuring Carrie's Lingerie Lori Leather Set
Featuring FINESMITH ZMAN Watch
Featuring EMO-tions Mantus (1 of several options) Ponytail and Face Chains
Featuring Liv-Glam Parrow Thigh Strapped Boots
Featuring Moondance Boutique Emma Desir Edition Charlotte Nails
Featuring KaTink Catwalk Series 3
1. FINESMITH: Saturday Afternoon Silver Earrings and Choker
2. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Marigold Skin Tone
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
5. MG: Inverted Crown Lashes

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