Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Fashion Festival (Last Day): ArisAris and Blue Couture - Designer Showcase: [Opal] and Moondance Boutique - Plus Zibska and KANDINSKY

Today marks the last day of the summer fun event, Summer Fashion Festival and I've two more items to show you from there before the day ends. If you'll notice, there's a simple black dress with white dots as the basic element of my styling. The dress is ArisAris, and its simplicity with just a few fine details like those around the bust are one reason I enjoyed this dress despite the fact that it looks similar to many I have worn. The accessories I used are from Blue Couture, and they were designed to accompany a night gown / lingerie set. Instead I pulled one of the feathered arm pieces, the unique belted posture collar and the belt and added them to spice up the dress.
Designer Showcase runs a month at a time and always brings new designers to the table, as well as providing a great venue for more well known designers to offer special prices and expose new faces to their great quality items. This styling includes items from two different jewelers, both with several pieces at Designer Showcase July. Moondance Boutique's Gaia earrings shine just a bit and lit my cheek up just a smidge when I was standing with the sun setting. It was a neat lighting effect. The ring comes in several color options from [Opal] and worked well into my shades of grey styling.
Zibska made this 'ball and chain' type hat for an event that occurred recently and I had not quite figured out when to use it. I almost used a different hat, but my sweetheart who's been home all weekend and thus eyes over my shoulder at times asked me, "Why would you wear a flower pot on your head?" So instead of explaining to him that it was couture and sexy ~grin~ I went through my box of hats that I haven't blogged yet and asked, "This one?" about 11 times before he said, "Yes!" So Zibska, like the judges on all these reality shows say, "You made it through." The hat's name is Sadie Noir. I just think it looks a bit like the old ball and chain used in some movies to represent poor old married folks, and in this case, the ball and chain helped me make a decision for this styling, so with tongue in cheek, yay!
I still have an array of items from KANDINSKY that I want to show. They're also from an event that concluded recently but I couldn't bear to through them away as they seem to mirror some of my favorite items from Game of Thrones, and for that alone, they get a bit longer in my inventory before I separate and discard, and low and behold, the Willow heels for SLink mid-high feet fit this style exactly! With all the puzzle pieces together, I really loved the overall look. Black and white stay in style every season. I promise to make the next blog POP with color but this time, shades of grey won the day.

So many great designers are represented here. Thanks to each of you!
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival (Last Day) ArisAris Dots Tube Dress
Featuring from Summer Fashion Festival (Last Day) Blue Couture Sexy Night Set
Featuring from Designer Showcase [Opal] Tango Black & Silver Ring
Featuring from Designer Showcase Moondance Boutique Gaia Earrings
Featuring from Zibska Sadie Noir Hat
Featuring from KANDINSKY Willow Mary Janes for SLink Feet
1. JUMO Armorial Lips Black
2. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Mid-High Feet
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Alabaster Skin Tone
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
5. EMO-tions: Pria
6. Gaeline: Natura Lashes
7. Manifeste Poses

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