Saturday, November 23, 2013

Flirtation Can Be Dangerous To Your Health -- Featuring FINESMITH (55L Item), Zanze, MADesigns

Believe it or not, I'm quite shy. It's not that I can't talk to people. I do. I will work with strangers and create friends from the process. Ultimately thought, the inner me retreats and watches from the safe distance of a turtle in a shell.

I wander around Second Life, even to Mature or Adult locations, looking for good backgrounds, interesting shadows, and all that comes with the variety that only content creators make happen. Sometimes, especially when dressed in the sexy bolero -X- top from FINESMITH and Zanze's Forbidden corset, I'll get approached by a whole array of people.

After being approached, and it's sweet and flattering at times, I retreated to a photo studio for the other two photos in this serious. I don't mind the flirtation. I just don't know how to respond at times. Thank you but no. How sweet. But no.

I love the adventure and then I get overwhelmed with the randomness of flirtation. It really can be dangerous to my health. People tell me all the time, it's impossible to be shy and be the person you all see. But you have to trust me. I am. I love the sexy attire and FINESMITH does everything right so this great jacket invited the sensual side of me. I hope you enjoy!

Live! Laugh! Love! -- and believe me. I am shy.

Featuring: FINESMITH (55L Item) -X- Bolero Biker Jacket Blue
Featuring Zanze Forbidden
Featuring MADesigns AESOP Hair
Featuring MADesigns Hairbase ~ Hearts
1. Carrie's Lingeries: Naughty Black Lace Bra
2. FINESMITH: Saturday Gold Set
3. [Mirror's Enigma]: Heather Medium Skintone
4. [Liv-Glam]: ODEUR Over Knee Boot SP1
5. Sexy Mama Sculpted Nails
6. MADesigns: Eyes Confidence ~ Dark Path
7. Poses built into furniture at store listed above
Akaesha Main Store

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