Friday, February 28, 2014

Running Too Fast To Catch Up -- Featuring Purple Moon, Hawker's House, KMADD/Moda and AIDORU

I'm running too fast to catch up... Yes, I know that doesn't make sense, but sometimes, the things that don't make sense are the things that explain life the best way possible. I did go and get my Pink Shirt Day top prior to the 26th. I wholeheartedly celebrate anything that promotes positive action and positive thought and any cause. If there were 365 special days set aside to help promote awareness that there is a problem and violence is at the core, I'd support. The pink shirt day promotes Anti-Bullying. I remember being teased at school as a young teen, and never quite feeling like I fit in, but when I reflect back on it and then read things that are happening to young people today, I realize I had a very mild dose of what happens out there today.

Some of you may not know this, but for 11 years, I was a Youth Pastor, and worked with young girls primarily ages 11-18. I miss that more than words can say, and it's interesting to me that some of the girls I first worked with are now young mothers, college graduates, people making a difference in their own world, and when I met them, they seemed fragile, so young, so vulnerable. I have a personal faith background but I took an unusual approach to Youth Ministry, and probably to ministry itself. I don't need to indoctrinate anyone. At first this was a point of contention at the first church that hired me. They were steeped in tradition and old ways. I simply felt like the only message the teens I worked with needed to hear was that they were loved. The very core of my faith comes from love and hopefully pours that love out to others. To complicate it, which I think many religions do, there are doctrines and denominations and cultures and traditions and so much more. I put that aside and focused on the child, because despite them feeling so grown up, they were children, and the child's basic need to feel loved.

Children AND adults need love, need that love affirmed, and need it affirmed often. The rest is just details. To me... anyway. And children who are bullied are often the ones who feel unworthy of love. That's a travesty to me, and something we can overcome, one person at a time. Bullying occurs at many ages and stages, can accompany cultural bias, hate crimes, and other violent acts, where one group thinks they have all the answers and have the right to tell those who are not like them that they are bad, stupid, and words I would not retype/resay but words that hurt deeply and leave scars.

I find little things like the Pink Shirt campaign works, one step at a time, one person at a time, and as more and more people join together, more good will come of it and change will occur. Each one love one.

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