Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Always Classy, Always Sexy, Always Carrie's - Featuring Carrie's Lingerie, EMO-tions, SoliDea Follies

No matter where modeling takes me, or blogging or any other fashion connection, my first love of modeling came from Carrie's Lingerie.

It's raining hearts at Carrie's. Both down in the main store and up in the VIP sphere, hearts are falling everywhere.

Elizabeth in green, this satiny sexy new VIP gift, allures with both a lingerie option and an evening gown choice. Paired with new jewelry from Chop Zuey and EMO-tions "Love" hair, I'm dressed and ready for love.

As ready as I'll ever be, I suppose. Love is. It's a verb we all should do regularly. Not Sex. That's fun too, don't get me wrong. But love. That's the key. Back down in the main store, I have one of the Valentine looks from another season, an outfit that was loaded into the Mania board, Spicy Valentine.

Still wearing Spicy, I popped over to SoliDea Follies and found the cutest little head pieces, one a gift and another was a hunt item. Both were white and whimsical.

At Carrie's you'll always find a hunt or two in progress. I found a whole array of Crazy Hearts items hidden around the store in one of Carrie's in house hunts. Items for the men are always included.

Sensual yet soft and sweet, Carrie's goes with so many things. Take this cute tank from the Crazy Heart's hunt. I could pair it with jeans and boots and hang out with special friends or that special someone, or I could doll it up, and add the other head piece from SoliDea Follies for frolicksome fun.

As I said, Carrie's marks an important point in my Second Life. Before Carrie's, I played with the best of them, danced from time to time, flirted and met people all around the world. I managed a few small clubs and enjoyed but never really 'worked'.

After I began working for Carrie's, I found a whole new world, a world of people who put time and energy into a vein of interest I really didn't even know existed. It remains one of the classiest lingerie stores and one of the best customer oriented stores as a result of that personal customer service. Every time I visit, I enjoy the bright spirited Assistants, and of course Carrie too.

In every way, Carrie's offers such a special experience, for people on every budget, and during holidays, special favorites make their way into the holiday collections. I hope you can visit while Cupid still hunts for new victims, and you feel the special Carrie's magic aimed your way with lots of love.

Featured EMO-tions Love
Featured Carrie's VIP Elizabeth
Featured Chop Zuey Singing Hearts Set
1. MADesigns: Ball Lashes
2. MADesigns: Confidence Subtle Moss
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Chocolate Cosmos
4. Poses in Displays at Carrie's Lingerie
5. AND Demise of Flight Delicate Poses

Featured Carrie's Gracie - From the Stupid Cupid Hunt
1. Alice Project: Heather
2. Sexy Mama Glitter Nails
3. Poetic Colors: Christmas Tale
4. [White Widow] Game Special
5. [Al Vulo!]: Aisha
6. Shoenique Design: Red Wood Leather
7. Poses in Displays at Carrie's Lingerie

Featured Carrie's Crazy Hearts - From in store Hunt
1. Alice Project: Heather
2. Sexy Mama Glitter Nails
3. DS: Prim Lashes
4. DS: Snowy Night Winter Queen
5. Poses in Displays at Carrie's Lingerie
5. [Al Vulo]: Aisha

Featured Carrie's Valentine Spicy
1. [elika]: Interrupt
2. Sexy Mama Glitter Nails
3. [Al Vulo]: Ewa
4. Paint: Vanessa Boots
5. Poses in Displays at Carrie's Lingerie

SoliDea Follies White Mila Headpiece Group Gift
SoliDea Follies Lil Snow Headpiece

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