Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Casual Side -- KMADD/MODA, EMO-tions, {MV}, ((Crystal Line)), and .::Shellac

Recently I read a hopeful warm note from one of the many terrific people I've had the joy of working with, Maddox Dupont.

Besides being a terrific designer, he's an enthusiastic friend and shared recently that he's hopefully, deeply and happily in love.

On his Facebook wall he writes, "And one man in particular has stolen my heart at the time in my life when I was most happiest to be on my own and did not even look for a relationship. He appeared out of no where and things just clicked - don't you love when that happens?"

My answer, "YES. I do love it when that happens." And I really loved his final thoughts on this same Facebook post, "Never give up on love. Stop searching. Work on yourself. Be happy. The right person will appear when you are ready to give and receive love. If you are in a relationship... Express your love and passion every day, every moment, without fear. We never know how much time we got left on this Earth. Make each moment count and don't leave anything unsaid. Appreciate and love your partner for great relationships are rare and need to be treasured and honored."

I agree. Live! Laugh! Love! Make every moment count.

Featured KMADD/Moda: James Beanie
-- JET Sneakers Canvas
-- Wool Pants Two Tone Light
Featured {MV} Wild Side Lingerie Vitae
Featured ((Crystal Line)) Twist Chain Earrings
Featured EMO-tions Legolan Gacha Rare
Featured .:Shellac Pump Up the Volume Gloss Pink
1. MADesigns: Eyelashes Perfection
-- Eyes Confidence Subtle Moss
2. Sexy Mama Valentine Nails
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl
4. Manifeste Poses

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