Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Day More... Featuring Kastle Rock Couture, KMADD/Moda, (WearMe), Blink2Wink, Busty Boutique

One of the ways I distract myself and turn towards positive thoughts comes through favorite songs. I love music. I try to stay in touch with the music of the moment as well as old songs that touched me in some way.

Yesterday, I let myself get lost in thought and wallow in the what-ifs of life. When I realized what I was doing, I turned to music to snap out of it and specifically found myself drawn to the music of Les Miserables.

The song One Day More shares such passion, for life, for love, for hope, for freedom, for so much that we as human souls need. I sat and listened to it several times and absorbed the energy of the song, eyes closed, feeling the words as well as hearing them.

Many friends have shared health issues, small crises, worries over finances, worries over love or the lack of it, and more of the calamities we share with one another. I know when someone else listens to my fears and anxieties, they help so much. I hope I offer the same to others. In this song, I hope again, at least for another day, to make it through whatever storm comes.

As you work through your day, I hope the essence of this song might touch you in some positive way. I hope my words encourage. I hope the love and grace of others imbues your life with goodness even in the darkest paths. And I wish you all the love there is to be shared.

Live! Laugh! Love! and do whatever you must to make it through One Day More.

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