Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nearly Naked In the Garden - Featuring 899 Zed Sensations, {{BSD}}, EMO-tions, Kyxe, no. 7

I don't often use other shapes, however, one of the things Kyxe Skin & Shapes creates is very sexy, curvalicious shapes. I asked specifically if I could use one of the newest shapes from Kyxe as part of my next blog and I got "Tess" with divine hips and oh la la breasts.

In addition to the shape being new, I also have on the newest skin "Hannah" in the Lily skin tone. Every skin designer has their own way of manipulating shadow and light to detail the human body. Kyxe designers paint very natural looking skins from the sweet pale and pink to the darkest of chocolate.

I've been so fortunate to work with {{BSD Design Studio}} and have the recent release "Cherish" with pretty silver accents enhancing the sandal. The outfit from 899 Zed Sensations does an excellent job of mixing mesh with system clothing. Butterflies actually 'fly' away from the body. A mask from no. 7 had similar butterflies.

As I zoom in on this look, the stunning detail of the skin shows why Hannah in Lily became my most favorite Kyxe skin as soon as I got to try it.

Featuring 899 Zed Sensations Imaginary Gown
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Cherish Brown Croco
Featuring no. 7 L`acessories Timeless Romance Gacha Butterfly Mask (Rare)
Featuring EMO-tions Luana
Featuring Kyxe Skins & Shapes Tess Shape
Featuring Kyxe Skins & Shapes Hannah in Lily Skintone
1. MADesigns: Eyes Confidence Subtle Moss
2. Candy Nail: Tea Time Pink
3. Demise of Flight Poses

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