Thursday, February 6, 2014

To Love... or To Get Sexxxed Up... That Is the Question -- Featuring EMO-tions, Kyxe, SSW and Pink Sugah

I don't put a lot of emphasis on holidays. There can be so much performance pressure on any given one, and depending on how you're raised, that pressure might be financial or expectation of creative or something else. It's easier to avoid the conflict by not doing anything with those pesky dates.

So here I am, an unbeliever yet dressed as the sexiest cupid this side of the Mississipi, ready to shoot an arrow of love into your heart. I'm not falling for the insta-emotion of Valentine's Day, but I'm willing to launch a little missile filled with hope and caring in your direction.

It's not that I don't believe in love, unconditional love, erotic love, and all the good and mushy stuff between the two, I do. I really do! I just don't believe in banking on a holiday to provide an excuse to show my care to someone else.

Ever since I spent my 10th anniversary in (yes I know it's pitiful!) tears, feeling somehow that there was supposed to be this magical thing that happened on the special day and then finding my expectations were unfairly exceeding the possible, I reconsidered how I participated in holidays.

To this day, I work harder on day to day connection and no expectations for a specific day on a calendar. I love, love, love and yes I enjoy the naughty too. It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to find it, though. I could wear this impish costume year round, and enjoy every minute of it!

Live! Laugh! Love!

I love the playfulness of this little cupid outfit from Pink Sugah. It's perfect for flirtation and wickedness, from love to the sexxxy fun people love to have. The special gift skin from Kyxe Skins and Shapes provided a sexy canvas for the lingerie. Silly Spoiled Whore created the unusual heels and the hair is new to my blog from EMO-tions.

Featured Pink Sugah Stupid Cupid Pink
Featured Silly Spoiled Whore Heels
Featured EMO-tions Judith
Featured Kyxe Skins & Shapes Group Gift - Blossom With Flowers from Asia
1. MADesigns: Subtle Moss
2. Candy Nail: Tea Time Nails
3. Cupid Pose included in Pink Sugah
4. In-Pose!

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