Friday, August 1, 2014

Finding Beauty A Little Bit Of Everywhere -- Featuring Truth, ~ghee, *GLITTER*, blackLiquid from The Instruments and [Liv-Glam] at Designer Showcase

Where do you find beauty? I love traveling around Second Life looking for places that make me think of peaceful real locations around the world. I also like fantasy worlds that make no sense whatsoever but look fantastically creative. It's just that the beautiful locations that remind me of real world spots offer a calmness that I don't quite understand but I soak it up as if I were getting one of those real world tans (or burns!?)
I went to a location a friend had given me as a landmark for some store some long while ago and ended up on this piece of property at Willowtail that rents for Mystical Rentals. I'm not even sure if I was trespassing. If I was, oops! I loved the easy decor of the place, and I'm a sucker for swings. I still remember thinking a swing could almost make me feel like I was flying if I could get it high enough and fast enough.
The outfit I put together comes from a myriad of designers. I like it when I can mix and match and come up with something super chic, something I'd love to wear to just such a location. A day at the beach with a special someone would be just cause for this sexy selection. Truth has a new group gift, Fernanda. The top comes from a set by ~ghee - Tuttifruitti - that includes this top and a pair of capris not shown. The shorts are deliciously naughty peek-a-boo shorts from *GLITTER*; they look like hot pants with the back side cut out and a little bow dropping strategically. And the new specs are from blackLiquid, but you can find them at the Instruments August, along with several other styles, suitable for either gender!

Featuring from [Liv-Glam] at Designer Showcase Jolene Heel
Featuring *GLITTER* Bow Mesh Sexy High Waisted Shorts
Featuring ~ghee Tuttifruitti Top
Featuring blackLiquid Shades & Spex from The Instruments August
Featuring Truth Hair (Gift) Fernanda
1. Kunglers: Medusa Earrings
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Skin Tone (Candice)
- Captivate Lips Caliente
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. SLink: Female Mid-High Feet
- Elegant 1 Hands
5. FINESMITH: Illustrated Nails
6. MG: Wild Full Thick Lashes
7. Poses Built Into Swing on Mystical Rentals Property Willowtail

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