Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Mixed Bag of This and That

The Pimp My Valentine Hunt is in full swing. It will continue to run through the fifteenth of Februay. Many of the items are precious fun pieces to add to your avi that celebrate the lovers' holiday.

Kaithleen contributed this sexy and short mesh skirt to the PMVH hunt. Because I've worked with her designs before, I know this is a great example of her work and quality. Paired with this, also from the PMVH hunt comes the choker you see in the photo. I know they didn't collaborate, but the way the choker from Freya seemed to match the skirt was great (one note - the choker is color change so it will also go with other great looks).

You also see a new pair of boots called 80s Flat Knee High boots from [VCB]. The top also comes from [VCB] and pulled the overall look together. I don't go 'dark' very often, but when I do get pieces that lend themselves well to it, I go for it.

Eladon Galsworthy (newly married in world congrats!) and PondLife (Intimate Live) has a massive array of items you might find useful for the lover's holiday. Whether you want something sweet and innocent or something extra naughty, you'll find it at PondLife.

This beautiful field of flowers were planted to match this vibrantly colored pair of overalls. One shoulder remains unhooked, making the overalls look even cuter. The boots come with this outfit, adding to the vibrant brilliant colors of the overall look. If I stood really still, I wonder if a bee would try to pollinate me.

Featured PMVH Kaithleen's Ruffled Black and Red Mini
Featured PMVH Freya's Finest PMVH Color Change Collar
Featured [VCB] 80's Flat Knee High Boots Black
Featured [VCB] Casey Bolero Jacket Buckle Hole
1. Custom Shape
2. Shiva Skin: Riria Exclusive Boho
3. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Pearl
4. EMO-tions: Vivien
5. WoW Diva Lashes
6. Face Paint: Coal Liner and Eartha Lips
7. Noya: Perfect Music Nails
8. Ben's Beauty: Always Earrings
9. Demise of Flight Pose

Featured Dot-Be Fashion Anika Stripped 2
1. Custom Shape
2. Shiva Skin: Riria Exclusive Boho
3. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Pearl
4. EMO-tions: Silja
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria
6. Face Paint: Sophisticate's Amethyst
7. [SHOCK]: Winter Glitter Nails
8. EMO-tions: Nora Earrings
9. Curiosity: Watch and Bangles
10. In-Pose!

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