Saturday, January 12, 2013

All the News from Snowpaws: New Releases and Sales!

Always something new, fun and exciting waiting for you at Snowpaws, and whether I wrote this note on Friday or Tuesday or made up a day of the week that only existed on Mars, the same would be true. Always. Fun. Snowpaws.

Have you seen the precious ballerina styled Serenity Feather Tutu? It comes in Deep Magenta, Pepper (seen above), Plush and Mink. Feathers waft round your waist and matching feathers form a delicate hair piece. Grace and seduction combine beautiful in so many of Snowpaws designs, and this one emphasizes just how well she shines.

Then there was the Marguerite Retro Frock in Charcoal and Chalk (shown above), you'll find a body hugging mini dress with a shear layer above the breast and a high neckline and a beautiful matching peplum at the waist repeats the beautiful texture on the darker or lighter version of this dress.

And if those were not enough, there is one more recent release that's come out since the beginning of the new year. Carrie Snowpaw must have hit the ground running when that big ball dropped in Times Square! 

The Anomaly makes me think of an 18th century artist sitting in a meadow of fresh flora, just as spring brings everything to bloom, and dabbing at the paper with water colors, small droplets, larger ones, all to create a spectacular image. And the material in four beautiful colors, Plum, Firefly, Blue Moon and Amethyst (shown above) all blend well as the material moves delicately over and around the body.

Sales - 

60L Sales this week is the new Anomaly Dress in Plum. If you haven't gotten one of these yet, now's a perfect time!

Steals and Deals offers the Siri Lace and Satin Cocktail Dress in the color Sin -

A new 100L dress has been chosen for today (1.12.2013) and if you buy it, you'll find an extra freebie in your purchase! The Mariqueue in Coal looks like a delicate swathe of material to wrap round you before you head out for a night of fun. - 

The Alainn Floret Silk Gown in Dove Grey is on sale at the Designer Showcase. This is a great location to visit, try a variety of designers and support old and new businesses alike and of course get your latest Snowpaws addition. -

At the Kastle Enchanted Petite Retreat, you'll find one of Snowpaws petite outfits on sale as well, the Petite Maselan Ruzo Gown.

Grab the best of the best while it's on sale, check out the newest releases and always enjoy your visit with Snowpaws. It's a great place to bring newcomers to Second Life, and you're encouraged to grab a friend by the hand and make a weekend day a shopping day at Snowpaws. Thanks!

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