Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Time Experiences, Fun with the PVMH Hunt and Great New EMO-tions

This week I've had some wonderful experiences and find my Second Life continues to enhance my first life in ways that are nearly impossible to explain.

At times, there are random notices that come from random groups "Seeking 3 male models" or other such particulars. I've always been a little too meek to answer such petitions. Until the other day, that is. When Mia Mariposa sent out one of those notices, I answered and ended up being in one of her adds. It was exciting, terrifying and many more emotions at once. I hope these sort of things get easier with time! The outfit she had me wear included a dress called Prima Ballerina in black and a pair of shoes called Mia Might Night Ankle Boots. After the shoot, I sat in her large picture window and snapped this shot to commemorate my experience.

The Pimp My Valentine Hunt began yesterday and runs for a month. You'll find an array of hunt items in my blog with the PMVH sticker on the picture somewhere. If the sticker is there, at least part of the outfit comes from designers in that hunt. In this case, the top comes from NS (Nani Soulstar) and the necklace is a treasure from {GFD} also called Gala Fashion Design. 

I haven't pulled out a prop like this in ages, but it was just perfect for this photo! I got the cutest USA motorcycle from a friend over the holidays. I just wasn't sure how or when I'd use it. Now here I am riding along the beach, wind blowing through my hair, dressed for a vacation in the tiniest of tiny mini skirt and top combinations. Aris Aris created the outfit as their contribution to the hunt.

Besides the hunt item, this photo also shows the first time I used a new pair of Gaeline Mesh Lashes. Davina live up to the amazing quality of my other Gaeline lashes. I was excited to see she had a new release!

Also, Baubles sent the diamond bracelet out and at this angle, you can see it clearly on my arm as it reaches for the handle bars of the motor bike.

YES! I'm having as much fun as it appears!

The last new release from this week's new looks at EMO-tions offers a tousled updo that's great for casual looks and with the right styling could be worn with a more refined outfit. I appreciated the way it wound around the head, and showed braids and loose locks that fall away from the otherwise perfect coif. At any given time, no matter where I am, I have untamed hair. This reflects that well in Second Life. Untamed hair can be evidence of someone who tosses cares to the wind and just enjoys life.

Featured EMO-tions Karma
Featured PMVH NS (Nani Soulstar) Top
Featured PMVH {Gala Fashion Design} (GFD) Love Potion Necklace
1. Custom Shape
2. Shiva Skin: Winter Fair Exclusive 002
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. WoW Diva Lashes
5. Face Paint: Marie Pink
6. h.m.a.e.m. Dolls Set Earrings and Headband
7. Luna's: Black Vintage Pants
8. Bootgasm: Sleek Black Boots
9. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails
10. [LAP] Come Closer

Featured Mia Prima Ballerina in Black
Featured Mia Might Night Ankle Boots in Black
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. EMO-tions: Tyra
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria
6. Face Paint: Sophisticates Smoke
7. Chop Zuey: Black Storm Necklace and Earrings
8. Ladylike Sit Pose Built into Prop

Featured PMVH Aris Aris Top and Skirt
Featured Baubles by Phe Square Diamond Bangle Gift
Featured Gaeline Mesh Lashes Divina
1. Custom Shape
2. Noya: Blake Skin
3. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
4. EMO-tions: Irina
5. Face Paint: Complete Face 3
6. pulcino: Joulutorttu Nails
7. RYCA Platinum Earrings
8. Felicity Shoes: Gianna Stilettos Rose
9. Drive Pose built in to the USA Motorcycle

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