Friday, January 11, 2013

Liv-Glam and [VCB] Plus PMVH Items from Rivendell and Baubles

With the arrival of 2013, it's time for me to take new risks, step outside the box so to speak, and play with camera angles, settings in world regarding light and shadow, and go beyond just taking a photo. I know this, like any other step, will take time to perfect and in the process, sometimes it will look amazing while other times I will shake my head and grimace.

Inundated with all the holidays and family and things distracting, it'd been a while since I really sifted through the amazing designs that pour out of  Liv-Glam. I truly adore the designer and tease her about the story of the shoemaker and the elves, and ask her from time to time where she hides her elves. 

I LOVED this new dress. It's a favorite, a nod to Asian style, and the beauty of texturing. It's rare for me to want to take so many different photos, but this comes from the fun of the moment, a step beyond the responsibility to the blog. Playing with lighting is one way I have evolved my photography, shooting pictures with all sorts of lighting, night and day. When I added Face Paint's new Sophisticate's "Poison" (preview for the full release coming soon), it looked stunning. A make-up that fits any time of day makes the investment even more appealing.

I joined Chop Zuey's group after only a few thousand nudges from my boss at Face Paint. I know how big a fan Eve is and I know she just wanted me to see the beauty in Chop Zuey creations. I owned a few pieces from Chop Zuey, but now I have so many new pieces to explore. Thanks to a good friend's generous holiday gift and Chop Zuey's holiday countdown 'gifts' still out at her store, I had the greatest fortune. The Black Ice set enhanced the design of the dress, and gave the sparkle that great jewelry provides. A special thanks to Belle for sharing so many treats during the holidays. I'm so blessed and grateful.

The Unique III had six different metallic color pattern options. I loved this one, with a nod to silver and nature, and a peek towards the arrival of spring. Standing in front of the purple irises by the sea, I realized how much like a blooming flower this dress reminded me. 

The skin from Mirror's Enigma eases away from my most familiar skin only slightly. I had the option of using with or without cleavage enhancement, and with the keyhole cutout of the dress, I went with the cleavage enhancement. Tres jolie!

Candy Nail remains one of my favorite nail designers. They have an array of new releases and the Enishi White seen in the photo shows one of several colors in similar style.

Defining what jewelry is needed and when to wear it continues to be a challenge for me. I rarely use jewelry off line. I love the chance to own and wear gorgeous jewelry in Second Life, however, and embrace the treat that's not part of my other world. Chop Zuey had one set created in both white and yellow gold. With the overall silvery look, I knew the white gold version of MaSong fit perfectly.

[VCB] remains a new designer to me. This is the third outfit I've styled that she created and thought the layers and options included in this dress made it more enjoyable and easier to refer others to try. The simple short mini pops in bright pastel tones.

Two pieces seen in the photo with the shorter version of the Renee in Confetti dress are from the PMVH event. You'll notice a simple heart necklace from Rivendell and an unusual piece from Baubles that remind me of brass knuckles. I'm so not a tough girl, yet I wore the Dog Tags w/Small Hearts and knew they were a complete opposite to the pretty necklace from Rivendell. Soft and hard, hearts and brass knuckles. Fun items, hidden for your enjoyment.

When the long flexi skirt attaches, the gown becomes an entirely different dress. I stood quietly in a meadow as the sun set and wondered if I were very quiet, would the fae come and sing to me as they lit the sky dancing at dusk. I never saw a fairy while I walked along the path, but the dream was there. 

Featured [VCB] Renee in Confetti 
Featured Baubles PMVH Dog Tag Ring Little Heart 
Featured Rivendell Valentine Necklace 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Shiva Skin Winter Fare Exclusive 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. EMO-tions: Celie 
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia 
6. Face Paint: Sophisticates Blue (55L Item 1.10.2013) 
7. Candy Nail: Twinkle Pink 
8. Felicity: Gianna Stilettos Rose 
9. Miamai Elegance 

Featured Liv-Glam Unique III (Found at Designer Circle) 
Featured Mirror's Enigma Leigh Native Skin Tones Natural with Cleavage 
Featured Candy Nail Enishi White 
Featured Chop Zuey MaSong (White Gold) Set 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
3. EMO-tions: Winternight 
4. Natural Beauty Lashes 6 
5. Face Paint: Water Series Blue 
6. Stella: Clement Pump 

Featured Liv-Glam Ann Turtleneck Dress 
Featured Chop Zuey Black Ice Set 
Featured Face Paint: Sophisticates Poison 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Shiva Skin: Boho Exclusive 2 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. EMO-tions: Anna 
5. Natural Beauty Lashes 
6. Quintessencia: WF Square Nails I 
7. Stella: Odeur Boots SP1 
8. Lady 1 - Sit pose in prop + Miamai Pose

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