Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baboom Releases a Retro 50s Frock and Face Paint Offers a New Release for 55L Thursday

The beauty and creativity of the designer at Baboom appears endless. Kyra Camel releases news every now and then and I go 'ahhh', knowing before I even look at the release that I'm going to love it.

This dress mixes the mesh and non-mesh pieces to create a dress reminiscent of the 1950's. Pink and Turkles is the color combination, and I love the word Turkles! It's a pretty hue of turquoise that accents the pink and polka dot. You'll receive a pair of heels as well with this dress, making it easier to style.

It's amazing to me that the Chop Zuey jewelry I chose to wore with this dress match to a perfection that reminds me of collaborations between designers. It's THAT good a match! The new make-up is easier to see in this photo, and comes to you from Face Paint as this week's newest release and at 55L it's a great time to grab it and see if the new Helios series will work for you!

Featured Baboom Mesh Dress Fifties Retro Pinkturkles
Featured Face Paint 55L Thursday Helios in Smoke
1. Custom Shape
2. Shiva Skin: Boho Fair Exclusive 02
3. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Peal
4. EMO-tions: Karen
5. Natural Beauty Lashes
6. Finesmith: Silver Nails
7. Chop Zuey: Party Bangles and Earrings
8. Stella: Glitter Leave Clutch
9. Di's Opera Poses and Pose in Vista AO

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