Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stars Fashion, Liv-Glam's Curiosity and Image Essentials

Once in a while, I receive a blogger pack from Stars Fashion, and always there are a wide variety of styles to choose from and I try to post at least one new look from them after I look at the options.

I've had a sweetheart home on medical leave after injury sustained while serving overseas. Yes, he might be making me slightly insane at this point, but I still love him all the same. As it it is, he's been far more involved in what art I do online and how this blogging thing works. He was watching over my shoulder as I pulled out Stars Fashion looks and THIS is what HE chose this time. He said it was fun, different and made him feel like the person wearing it had not a care in the world, could play as they wished, and get the most out of life. I had to share. This outfit is called "True Love" which also seemed apt, because after 23 years, we still have that true love that makes things okay when everything else in the world seems to blow around like a hurricane. I'm glad he had a hand in this, and I enjoyed the very different look from Stars Fashion even more because of his input. Have fun at Stars Fashion. They have a vast array of items, and very good prices.

You'll also note a new release hanging from my ears from the Liv-Glam Curiosity line. The stars have color options for the gems as well as the metal and can be resized. I thought they had the same fun energy the outfit had, so I was happy to show you a new Liv-Glam release too.

And a quick PS... pop over to Image Essentials property to try their photo studios, their outdoor props and settings, and other ways to enhance your modeling needs and blogging.

Featured Stars Fashion True Love
Featured Curiosity Star Earrings at Liv-Glam
1. Custom Shape
2. Oceane's Rose Natural Milk Tan + Cleavage
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. EMO-tions: Anna
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
6. Face Paint: Panda Purple Gradient
7. SHOCK: Frosty Penguin Nails
8. Image Essentials Studio Poses

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