Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snowpaws Introduces New Releases and Sales

It's the weekend again, and I don't know about you but I need a vacation from all this vacationing. My house has been grand central 'wild' for the past 2 weeks and by evening, I will nestle in the calm of quiet once more. A perfect time to shop... when you need to escape the craze of your day... when you need to feel beautiful and not just a short order cook... when you have to answer a thousand questions and you wish you had a crystal ball for some of those answers... whatever the reason, escape and head to Snowpaws!

A new release came out this week, and whoa what a beaut. This new Marguerite Retro frock in charcoal or chalk (seen above) works with the simple but elegant pattern on a very feminine silhouette that includes the infinitely fashionable peplum at the waist and a short hem that drops to about mid-thigh.

Not long before the Margeurite appeared, the Anomaly was also released. This whisper soft sweet cocktail gown comes in four colors: Plum, Firefly (shown above), Amethyst and Blue Moon.

You know there are always good sales awaiting you when you arrive at Snowpaws. This weekend is no different. Also, if you get there soon enough, you might just find the hidden treasure buried for the Peace on Earth Hunt. If you miss out, new hunts and events are coming soon to Snowpaws.

For this week's Steals and Deals sale, you'll find the Soleil Feather Dress in Scarlet - 

If you're looking for 'Simply the Best' in Second Life, it's at Snowpaws! and it's called Frivol Gown in Milk Moon - 

Visit the - Designer Showcase to find the Alainn Floret Silk Gown in Dove Grey -

And if you're one of those fascinated with the Petite avi and all things suited to the tiny elements of Second Life, visit Kastle Enchaned Petite Village and get the Petite Cutout Tunic in Russet for a great price - 

Have fun with all that's offered, and drop by regularly. You'll love the mix of sexy elegant and some of the best prices on the grid!

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