Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It All Began... Somewhere

How do ideas take root in our thoughts and propel us in new directions, letting us embrace new challenges and enjoy life in new perspectives? I think those moments, those beams of light shone into our world, come with the randomness of the cosmos and with the intensity of life itself. I began modeling by accident. I found a designer I enjoyed, and bought some of her things, then a few more, and ended up working for her for right at 6 months. That was 2011. Now I'm here, and it's 2013, and I continue to find myself passionately enjoying this journey. I have worked with Face Paint since a contest run in March or April of 2012. To this day, every photo in my blog shows the make-up and other items one might purchase from Face Paint, yet I realize that there are few blogs that showcase ONLY Face Paint.

Needless to say, I adore this designer. And the more I've worked with her, the more admiration I have for her as a business person in Second Life, as a content creator, and as a friend who's done so much to encourage me as I continue to step carefully through the jungle that is the fashion world of Second Life. She's been the tour guide and the shoulder to lean on, and so many other things. This latest make-up is just one of many artistic pieces she's created in the 10 months I've known her. She calls the series, "Sophisticates" and this one will be on sale this week for 55L; leaving the full set to release the following week. 

Custom Shape
Shiva Skin (Winter Fair Exclusive 1)
Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
EMO-tions Angel Hair Plus Headpiece
RYCA Bok Gold Earrings

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