Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pretty Girl Is Suffering While He Confesses Everything

Yesterday I was approached by Heath Blessed who asked me for support and help with a project he and his partner Ilyssa are working on and I investigated a bit then joined his team. Of all the things I can do with my time online, raising money to help others less fortunate than I makes me feel like I'm using my time wisely.

This is the information I have so far: 

  1. They want to orchestrate an event in Second Life that will include kiosks, a fair and several fashion shows.
  2. They want to donate money to the Kids Help Phone (kidshelpphone.ca) and have already contacted the agency to orchestrate this with them.
  3. They seek individuals, groups, designers and models to help them accomplish their dream.
  4. They began an in world group that you're welcome to join called ~Arret Le Saignement~ (Stop the bleeding.) and encourage you to join and get involved if you are willing and able to help.

Most of the photos I take intentionally look happy. Happy people wearing beautiful clothing makes others feel good. Today, I looked for a way to be beautiful but also to look wistful, thoughtful, even sad.

Then I found lyrics by Pink. I don't know her personal story but from the lyrics she sings, I sense that she had a very difficult childhood. I read through the lyrics of Pretty Girl and it seemed to be an apt song to associate with this fundraiser, so I used some of the lyrics to name these two photos. There are agencies around the world, not just in Canada, set up to help children similar to the Kids Helpline. I hope you're motivated to join in this and any project in our shared Second Life that touches your heart and if there is any way you can help with Heath and Ilyssa's project, I know they'd be grateful to hear from you.

Featured Mirror's Enigma Superbia v3 Medium Skintone
Featured Mirror's Enigma Demi's Denim Shorts
Featured Mirror's Enigma Demi's Tucked Shirt
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
3. EMO-tions: Karen
4. Face Paint: Spring Gems 1 Easter Basket
5. Face Paint: Grace Purple
6. Candy Nail Enishi White
7. Viola Bach: Pearl Drop Earrings
8. Viviane Fashion: Sneakers No. 4 Pink
9. Focus Poses

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