Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Dark Angel On My Shoulder -- Baboom Couture and October's 4Seasons New Releases

I begin the day with a captivating gown created by Kyra at Baboom Couture. This Dark Angel gown replete with the most unique skirt and beautiful wings struck me on a personal level and I found myself feeling ethereal, as if for a moment or two, I had an angel on my shoulder as I worked with the photos.

Each year the sophistication of the program on which we play or live or however you define your Second Life grows more realistic, offers more options and in essence becomes more... more beautiful, more dynamic, offering more options to the creative minds behind content creation. This reflects both in the gown I wear and the surroundings. Just look at the rabbits, the trees laden with snow and the icy waterfall. Gorgeous.
October's 4Seasons has a brand new set of Holiday Designs nails for you, coming very soon. They're unique in the fact that instead of having a colorful base and silver tips, the silver is a crescent of shiny and the rest of the nail is painted color with silver etchings. You'll love adding them to holiday themed attire.

* October's 4Seasons NEW Christmas Nails
* Baboom Dark Angel Mesh Dress

- RYCA Platinum Earrings
- *~Damesfly*~ Hudson Hair
- HOLLYHOOD Black Godiva Heels
- EMO-tions Bellona Armor (Forearms only)
- Apple Spice Poses

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