Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bright Bits -- Featuring Chop Zuey, Bits By Blue at The Promenade, and [LG] Boutique

I'm not exactly sure how I did it but as I set up for windlight and other settings, I ended up with photos that make it look like the upper line of this sweetheart dress sparkled. Instead, it's a well constructed texture that catches the light in a lovely way, no matter day or night, so you can wear it everyone and feel beautiful every time you do. Sympathique was an interesting name for a gown and a gorgeous one at that from [LG] Boutique this week. An option to wear the fluffy skirting or not to wear is truly a great one in this case, because the print goes all the way down the gown if you prefer to wear it as a sleeve sleek and sexy gown without flexi.
Attention Whore could be a negative thing, unless it's the name of huge, chic earrings from Chop Zuey. These are probably the longest earrings I've donned in a long time. I decided not to wear a necklace between it allowed for those long earrings to go all the way down til they barely graced the shoulders. Sexy!
On the right wrist and hand, a pair of items from Bits by Blue show another set provided to The Promenade as part of a Gacha set. All of those Gacha addicts need to scoot over and see what's new. Great designers have joined together and no matter where you turn, you'll see something you want desperately. Bits by Blue is just a kickstart to get you over there!

If you enter just the word Garden into SL's search feature, there are some really lovely places to visit, and perspectives on gardening that end up showing gardens from around the world. After visiting the gardens at The Lefevre Mansion, gardens that cover so much area and offer a little of this and that as you meander down the paths, I'm spoiled! These were taken on one little curve of the trail.

Featuring Chop Zuey Attention Whore Earrings
Featuring Bits by Blue Vintage Choker Lock & Key Silver Set Necklace, Bracelet and Ring from The Promenade
Featuring [LG] Boutique Fall 2014 Sympathique Azul
1. !Lyrical B!zarre Templates: Lies Mesh Collar
2. SLink: Elegant 1 hands
3. October's 4Seasons: Alabaster Skin Tone
-- Apple Blossom Lips Gloss
-- Shine Eyes Gold Essence
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
5. Maxi Gossamer: Inverted Crown
6. Hairoin: Pheasant Phlower
7. PoSEsioN: Poses

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