Monday, September 1, 2014

Stay Classy and Visit -- Featuring Purple Moon at Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. at 24 Squared, [LG] Boutique at Designer Showcase, Truth and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates

*One of my longer blogs, but so much to share, so many places to go...

One of those Mondays comes along now and then where you really do wake up and look outside and wish it were raining so you could easily slip back under the covers and sleep a little longer, listening to the sound of soulful droplets on the roof. It wasn't raining today but I still took my Monday really slowly, not actually 'getting up' til it was mid-afternoon. I don't have a very reliable schedule, which is why blogging really works well for me!! and never know when I'll sleep or wake. I'm at peace with the world of modeling that I've chosen and love the chance to wake up at 3 p.m. or 4 a.m. and always have something new to share.
I styled this pants suit from PurpleMoon Creations and had to message the designer. It had been ages since I'd gotten anything from her store, as I work with what's shared, and events, and each event has a different compilation of designers. I remembered why she was one of the top designers on the grid when I put her pant suit on... it's impeccable. You can find the Adele suit in black at the Rock Your Rack charity event. I styled this then went to find a location for photos and decided to go to Purple Moon's main store. While I was working, there was a gifty machine sharing items, one of which you see in my hands. What a treat. The Raspberry Clutch was one of those unexpected extras!
.:JUMO:. has an unfathomable amount of content out at different events right now, and for 24 Squared, the necklace seen in this set of photos shows one of those many pieces. It's called Believer Necklace, something that rings warmly of hope and good things. It's a little chunkier than many of the pieces I choose, but I thought it complimented the suit so well.

I love [Liv-Glam]. I'm still bamboozled to figure out how so much could possibly be created every week, week after week, for now over two years, I think. You can find pieces shared across the grid at different events, sometimes places that feature limited numbers, sometimes at charity events, sometimes at the discount shopping rooms. I found these color-change HUD heels in the goodies from Designer Showcase and fell in love. The heel has two options, that make it so versatile. On one setting, it's basically a great close toed heel for fall. The other setting adds a platform of shiny diamonds under the main shoe. It's a clever idea, offering both color change and accessory on/off. There's so much more for the money, and I love great deals!

My Substance hat from Lyrical B!zarre Templates adds a bit of flair and pulled the purple color from the heels and the soft colors around my eyes so well. The exploding flower into tiny little snippets of flower petals creates a sense of motion and adds depth to the overall look.

And last but never least, a new release from Truth, Freya, has a long french braid down the back. The hair is pulled gently away from the face. I think it softens the hard edges of an all black suit. I have been a fan of Truth since its first days as a business in SL. (Yes, I'm THAT old) It's a brand that morphs with time and all that comes with evolution of the program itself.

If you would like to donate directly to Rock Your Rack, you can visit any of the donation kiosks on the property or go to this website -

Featuring Purple Moon at Rock Your Rack Adele Suit In Black Mesh
Featuring Purple Moon (main store insta-gift) Rasberry Clutch
Featuring .:JUMO:. from 24 Squared Believer Necklace
Featuring [LG]Boutique from Designer Showcase Deborah Diamond Heels
Featuring Truth Freya
Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates Substance Hat
1. -{ZOZ}- Shimmer Basics Nails
2. Wicca's Wardrobe - Cool Bag Poses
3. Gaeline: Felicia
4. Face Paint: Blush Pink
5. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
6. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Alabaster Skin Tone
-- Kyxe Fierce Brown Brow
7. Moondance Boutique: Oscar Diamonds Earrings
8. SLink: Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
9. Morphine: Juliana Eyeshadows
-- Kazumi Lips Blush Native

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