Friday, September 19, 2014

On Owning Umbrellas -- Featuring Petit Chat from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week and Face Paint

I have umbrellas! The most amusing thing to me is the fact that in my world off line, I don't own an umbrella. I've had one a few times along the way for my sons who had to have them for bus stops, and then they would get eaten in the big black hole that must exist in every student's locker, but me... I don't use them. I don't know why, maybe a childhood fear. I used to arrive at school soaked, and teachers wouldn't quite know what to do with me. I walked to school from 6th grade through 12th and then did a lot of college campus walking, far shorter distances than my grade school years, and I got used to those teachers and professors shaking their head at me.
What does one do with umbrellas? In my case, I immediately typed rain into the search function to find... ~drum roll~ Rain! And I did. I'm sure at other times of day I may have found some far more unusual extracurricular activities in the alleyways, but Adult sims tend to be the flavor of the week type places, and once a place is abandoned, I don't imagine zombies would even populate the empty buildings. No food! Okay so I'm in my Caryn-Noire mode this morning I guess...
Petit Chat had a note card, with items from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week, which really works so well for one little blond wild child in South Carolina, when dealing with new merchandise selection. I know that to some degree, I can't know how something will look 'on' me til I wear it, but at least with a note card of photos, I can guesstimate and then select one. I understand all the many ways designers are asked to box items for different events and the amount of work hours that go into every step, so I go with the flow and find myself grateful, no matter how it's done. I picked this outfit, Accept Loss Forever, from a selection to share with you because of the umbrella. It's girly, frufru as I would have said in my younger days. What I didn't expect was the pattern on the black dress. It looked like a well cut mini when I saw the note card imagine. When I put it on, I realized it was a scene, and it made me think of Sin City, the first movie, and it made me go aha, clever! With the outfit, I decided to go very understated with jewelry or other accessories. I wanted the umbrella to be it. I did find a new color from Face Paint called On the Go (Wood), and added it. Hope the makeup is waterproof, or I'll end up with my favorite Zombie look after all!

Featuring Petit Chat Accept Loss Forever from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week
Featuring Face Paint On the Go (Wood)
1. *Calico* Phoebe
2. Gaeline: Starlia
3. KMADD/Moda: Starlia
4. OB4S: Alabaster Blonde
5. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
6. Pose Added to Umbrella + AO Vista Animations

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