Sunday, September 14, 2014

On the Serengeti - Featuring Silk Dreams from Rock Your Rack; Featuring *GLITTER* from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week; Featuring Chop Zuey and Face Paint

As the Rock Your Rack event comes to a close, I have one more piece to show. There are new things on the horizon, always will be, but it's hard to say goodbye to some of the events that mean so much. I admire the ladies and gentlemen that put this program together and I think they've done a tremendous job reaching high goals and will celebrate success at the closing party. The mini-dress over regular clothes seemed to be a big thing in fashion shows on real world runways. I tried it here, with the Silk Dreams item at Rock Your Rack called Hera.
.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week continues day two (today is September 14 when this is originally written) and has so many things to share in such a short time, I don't know how they will get it all in but I know they will. For events to work successfully, the team has to have a plan and people in every pocket, keeping up with their details as part of the plan and then every piece has to happen at the right time. Those groups that put together seamless productions make it look easy but it's only like that because of the enormous work behind the scenes. I admire the team who are responsible for .PENUMBRA. and I'm excited for all that will be shared this week as a part of their event. *GLITTER* has several outfits they've introduced for Autumn/Winter 14. Instead of picking one of their outfits, I did something a little differently. The turban comes from one outfit, the jeans come from another outfit, and the third outfit offered the SLink style heels. I can tell the pieces are all from the same collection because they do mix and match well and tell a story about the designer. I try to pull from designers I haven't worn in an alternating sort of way, so that my blog and Facebook shares items from places I didn't know along with favorite designers whom I've known for a while. In this way, I hope it represents the event, whichever one it is at the moment, in the best way possible.
Chop Zuey continues to shimmer brilliantly as go to accessories. There's always something in my folder that's perfect for an outfit. Even if they're not brand new releases, but new to my blog, I will list them as 'featuring'. Once I share something on my blog, it goes into the numbered list under the featured items. This set of jewelry called Circus Maximus made me smile, especially when I visited the Serengeti to take the photos and met three massive elephants; it was a circus indeed. I'm also wearing a new set of makeup from my folders, Face Paint 'Warmth', and haven't shared it with you previously so it also is one of the featured elements.

Featuring Silk Dreams from Rock Your Rack Silk Dreams Hera
Featuring *GLITTER* from .PENUMBRA. 
---- From Aquarius Set - Unbuttoned Jeans
---- From Choose Me - Mesh Brown Heels
---- From Shaila Dress and Turban - Turban Gold
Featuring Chop Zuey Circus Maximus Gold Set
Featuring Face Paint Warmth
1. MG: Wild Full Thick
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. October's 4 Seasons: Walnut Skin Tone
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
5. -{ZOZ}-: Shimmer Basics Polish
6. Miamai Poses

Schedule for 9.15.2014 .PENUMBRA.

Petit Chat - Zibska
Jewelry by Jake - Soul Design

After Party at Energy Club

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