Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Farewell to Summer - Featuring Artizana at The Instruments and [Z O O M] at 24 Squared; Also >Asset< NEW

This super cool and farewell to summer look comes from a combination of items. First, you might note the high waisted skirt and the bikini top paired together. You can find the top and skirt in several colors at Designer Showcase. Visceral comes from Artizana and will be available through the month of September for this round of special deals you can only find there.
The wide eyed sunglasses come from 24 Squared. This event remains in progress, and has so many things to see and do. The designer [Z O O M] created the glasses called Narin. I've never worked with an item from this designer prior to this. It's one of many reasons I absolutely love working with events. I hope you have a chance to visit and see [Z O O M] and everything else meant to tempt you.
And one other NEW item to share with you comes from >Asset<, a designer that continues to make an excellent selection of unisex hair styles. This style called Lucca appealed to me for this look because it looks so laid back, smooth sailing.

Featuring Artizana from The Instruments Visceral
Featuring [Z O O M] from 24 Squared Narin Sunglasses
Featuring >Asset< Lucca Hair Megapack
1. Face Paint: Simplicity Green
2. October's 4Seasons: Marigold Skin Tone Laila
3. SLink: Female High Feet
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. Bliensen+Mai+Tai: Bolero Heels
5. Carrie's Lingerie: Fireangel Choker
6. Manifeste Poses

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