Friday, September 12, 2014

I Love This! -- Featuring Image Essentials from The Thrift Shop, Romance Couture from Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week and New Face Paint

I love what I do. In case I haven't said so lately, every single person I connect with involved in this passion for fun and fashion and life makes a difference in my world. I would not do this thing I do if I did not love it. I've had a selection of other odd jobs along the way, but this is the one I've stuck with for 3 years, the one I've worked the hardest to learn, to practice and to grow. I couldn't say it often enough how much each step along the way, each part of the journey, and each person I've met has influenced me. I presented a whole array of designers from Rock Your Rack and there are still pieces I wish I could share. There's never enough time, and always just one more thing. There are three days officially left in this charity event and if you haven't been, I hope you do, and help make a difference in lives far beyond the virtual world. The money raised by Models Giving Back and Jamee Binder go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Center and will aid in the ongoing determination to find a cure, as well as developing treatments to make dealing with it better. Romance Couture, also known as }RC{ offers a variety of gowns and accessories including the Judy gown in teal and the hat and glove set called Deauville. Please get involved. To donate directly, follow this link:
 Image Essentials Props and Poses have new items out at the Thrift Shop. I've pulled a couple of poses from the set called Sashay to use for this styling. I'm sure I'll go back and use them again and again. Such a southern word, sashay; it's something that makes me think of Scarlett O'hara. It's just awful how hot it is round heyah, my my my my my. I'm becoming used to the idea that .:JUMO:. puts together a massive amount of work for any new event and this remains true for this year's .PENUMBRA Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter Fashion. The jewelry set worn in my photos, Fascination Set in teal, looked as if it were designed to accompany the gown.
I appreciate the diversity of skin tones that October's 4 Seasons offers. There are 12 and each one creates a different inner voice when I use it. Each one also has to use different types of makeup, and items to accessorize in just the right way or the darker skins might overpower the look, while the lighter skins might wash out, so I take it as a challenge and enjoy all of them. With the new Laila face and skin tone Mocha, I looked at several different makeup combinations til I saw this Doe from Face Paint and had that aha moment.

Featuring Image Essentials Poses and Props from The Thrift Shop Sashay Set
Featuring }RC{ from Rock Your Rack Deauville Set
Featuring }RC{ from Rock Your Rack Judy Gown in Teal
Featuring .:JUMO:. from .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week Fascination Jewelry Set Teal
Featuring Face Paint Doe Storm Cloud
1. October's 4 Seasons: Mocha Skin Tone Laila
2. MG: Inverted Crown
3. EMO-tions: Eden
4. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes

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