Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sexxxy at Carrie's - Carrie's Lingerie and Chop Zuey

A little sex appeal never hurt anyone... so these pixels are for all of you out there who like a few sexy pixels now and then!
Carrie's Lingerie has a number of ways it holds your attention. First and last, however, are the classy yet sexy dynamic designs. No matter what your taste and personal style, favorite colors and so much more, there's something there for you. The VIP program offers a tremendous amount of benefits and there are always sales. Often there are hunts in progress as well as Midnight boards, so even if your budget is ultra tight, you can enjoy her work.

One of her collections called the Seven Deadly Sins called to mind all of the sins mentioned in Dante's Inferno. (I know it's from Dante's Inferno because I might have once had a huge crush on Brad Pitt and he was in a movie called Seven with Morgan Freeman - an awesome movie to rent if you haven't seen it yet...)
Each sin had a special design and color and different pieces. After they'd all been released, the request for these same designs to be released in other colors was deafening. To please the customers (like me!!), she added a variety of colors and options including the one shown here tonight, Gluttony in Light Teal.

Featuring Carrie's Lingerie Gluttony Light Teal
Featuring Chop Zuey Fenghuang Set
1. KaTink: Roxeanne
2. October's 4 Seasons: Papavar Skin Tone
3. Celestina's Wedding: Alay
4. Candy Nail: Raindrop Green
5. Truth: Dasha
6. MG: Wild Full Thick
7. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes

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