Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating 3 Years of BOSL Radio

So many things come and then disappear in our Second Life. It happens for many reasons, and disappoints us for different reasons.

So many things relevant to the fashion industry have felt the touch of Mr. Frolic Mills. Sometimes I think of him affecting fashion houses much like Oprah supporting books in her book club made obscure authors instantly famous. As this celebrated BOSL Radio's 3rd Birthday, it was only right for him to dance on one of the platforms. Alas, no tip jar though.

A selection of DJ's scheduled to keep the crowd entertained began with the special touch by CottonCandy "CC" Teardrop. It's wonderful to see how carefully planned events occur when organized by BOSL, no matter what it is. This party was no different.

A whole array of patrons visited during the time I was in attendance, from the most precious little fuzzy critter Alaya wore... the brilliantly colored Precise in this confection of a gown. Fellas and ladies alike mulled around, chatted, danced and laughed. All the elements of a good party present made it a delectable event for all of the senses.

Happy Birthday BOSL Radio!

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