Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quiet... Just a Little Longer

Just when I thought I had everything shifted into a new modus operandi, things change again. I celebrate the graduation of one son from college this coming weekend. The other comes home tomorrow and isn't sure he's going back to college. The world was quiet, for a little while, and it will be, but only a little longer.

As I perched in this tranquil setting, I pondered this loss of peace and return to full time parenting, I was thankful for the refuge that blogging and modeling has given me. I know we all escape into games or television series or Second Life, for a little vacation from reality. Even more so when our reality challenges us. I had a great time working with Baboom!'s newest release and these amazing heels from {{BSD}}. I happened to receive an array of items all at once that looked as if they were designed to make one outfit, and I celebrated. The jewelry  and hair from EMO-tions rounded out the look as I braced for the wave of reality to sweep in close and knock me to the ground. Where's the life vest? I need one nowww...

Featured Baboom! Kelly Mesh Dress
Featured EMO-tions Forever
Featured {{BSD}} Stay Cool Model
Featured EMO-tions Orion Necklace and Earrings
Featured Mirror's Enigma Azuka Tan Skintone
Featured N@N@'s Seraphine Bangles
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Colors - Storm
3. Face Paint: Liner and Lash
4. Noya: Golden Sculpted Manicure
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina

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