Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not Where It Ends... This Is Just a Beginning

There are ways of looking at life where things that are ending really means they are just beginning. I remember finally understanding Algebra, then in the fall, Calculus was required. When I graduated from High School, College began.

I finally reached my goal of graduating from MVWA. I find it exciting, but only the beginning of becoming a polished, recognized and respected model. This new phase takes just as much concentration and as much passion as well. I've been styling for a year now, intentionally beginning blogging so I would have multiple points of view from designers to practice with and ultimately because I simply loved blogging! I look at this new outfit by [[Massoom]] and the great poses from Demise of Flight and I think to myself, what a wonderful gift to be given, the opportunity to represent these creative people. Each time I go to a casting, or enter a contest or anything else related to our fashion world in Second Life, I know I grow and improve. This is just the beginning. Hang on to your hats, its going to be a wild ride!

Exclusive item from [[Massoom]] can be found at the Kawaii Fair

Featured [[Massoom]] Meli Pants and Meli Top from Kawaii Fair
Featured Demise of Flight Poses Set Lucky Be A Lady
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions: Amnesia
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Colors Storm
4. WoW: Diva Lashes
5. Candy Nail: Enishi White
6. FuLo: Bangles and Watch Gold
7. Duh!: Orange Agate Stone Pendants
8. Felicity: Irina Stilettos Stitched Grey Leopard
9. Shot on location at Image Essentials

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