Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All Things True

I often tell a story, an anecdote as I write in my blog. Tonight, I want to talk about my blog. I spoke with someone I respect earnestly today about blogging as it relates to Second Life. I always always learn from this person and today was no different. Some people are just like that in life, and I count it a blessing that I've met people with wisdom in so many facets of my life, not just my Second Life. I'm also grateful for the way special people impact my world, so that even though it's shared in Second Life, it becomes an integral part of Karen's Life.

Because I cover topics that are not directly related to Second Life and I share topics that relate to Second Life that do not always address Second Life Fashion, I'm not exactly a fashion blogger. It makes sense to me and I made a conscious decision the first of January this year to steer my blog in this direction. I have read hundreds of blogs from so many points of view, and only a portion of them were Second Life bloggers. There are super cool bloggers out in our virtual global world talking about so many many things! When I read Second Life bloggers, I began to identify what I liked and what wasn't right for me, and looked back at my own blog and the direction as well as my heart's sense of where I might go with it.

The bloggers who talk to me, as if they were sitting in my living room with me, are the ones I noticed most and remember long after I turn off the computer. After some time and gaining inspiration, and following my own learning curve, I decided I would feel more real and more 'me' if I did this as well. I talk to you, the common you that tunes in to read my words, as if I were talking to you while you sat across from me. I also talk to you in a way that reminds me of a diary entry. Some of the thoughts are very personal, and some simply me, and I love this outlet. Many communicate in much the same way with Facebook and in far fewer words on Twitter. I just use a blog format AND Facebook and Flickr to share. And while I write and share tidbits of my world with you, I also show you things like these two series of poses created by [[Massoom]]'s content creator whom I just began working with this week. Maybe I share two or three pictures a week and maybe I share two or three pictures an hour. It's just me, being me, and offering you a window to my world. To those of you who let me style and share your designs, I love it and your support. I hope it makes a difference in your world, as you have made one in mine.

Featured [[Massoom]] Poses from Pose Fair Hareem Girl and Jewelry Poses
Featured Chop Zuey Gift from Hollywood Event Paparazzi III Set
Featured Kim Rongyu Yolanda Mesh Dress
1. Custom Shape
2. Mirror's Enigma: Victoria Peach Skintone
3. Face Paint: Individual Lips Gloss
4. N-Core: Caprice Champagne
5. Candy Nail: Teapot Set

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