Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snowpaws All the News 4.13.2013

It's my favorite time of year. I love seeing all the new and glorious colors that nature creates for us. With the blossoms of the season setting the mood, designers pull paints out, a fresh canvas, and create all sorts of beautiful things.

The stunning Foxglove Gown combines the loose flowing silk around the lower body with the snugly sexy top embellished with a rich pink color tint accent as well as floral additions.

And when you pick up your Foxglove Gown, be sure to get the makeup designed to go with this new dress.

It's not too late to visit the Event, and this gorgeous dress, Harlow Form Fitting dress, offers a graceful beauty with subtle yet sensual lines and laces around the face is available at the Event.

The other special dress designed for the Event is the Ava Dress, another confection that blends silky layers on the skirt, feathers that accent the waist and a full lace top that dares to go there: The Event

This sultry short froth of a short dress is on sale this week for Steals and Deals - Ballerina Blueberry Dress.

A recent release, the Papillon Plum Mesh Dress, really catches the eye with this rich amazing color and this weekend, you can get this dress as part of the 60L Weekend sale.

Today's 100L sale (4.13.2013) is this flirtatious sweet look, the Peniten Dress in Ash. It's everything perfect for 2013's Spring trends.

Take a few moments to visit the Designer Showcase and find this scrumptious bit of beauty waiting for you, the Felin Snow Gown.

As a special treat, you'll also find this set of earrings, Felin Cope Earrings, designed to enhance the gown at Designer Showcase: Designer Showcase

Carrie Snowpaw will speak at the Models Workshop in May. More news coming soon. Anyone can attend these workshops and they're free. Whether you want to know more about Snowpaws, about modeling, or simply like learning more about Second Life fashion to pep up your wardrobe and all your favorite Snowpaws designs, this workshop should be fun!

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