Monday, April 22, 2013

Snowpaws New Release Rejouir Gown

Big gowns offer so much pomp and circumstance. When I wear them, I often imagine myself traveling back in time to other eras when the women were dressed in the finest silk and taffeta and other fabrics I've never owned in this life.

Three colors of this gown are available now in the store, Nightfall, Whimsy and Sunrise (shown in picture above). You'll find several layers comprise the skirt with the top layer made of small specks of color that float around you as you walk.

And there is a hair piece also made of the same speckled material. On the top photo, made wearing Sunrise, I inverted the head piece so it became a veil. On the lower photo, I combined two dress colors, the Sunrise top and the Nightfall skirts. You can also see the head piece the way it was designed.

Featured Snowpaws Rejouir Gown (All Red, Mix Red Top Black Skirt)
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