Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Demise of Flight and the Image Essentials Sim - Poses for All Sorts of Reasons and Fashion Too

Ever wonder how those great group photos began? Each of the designers I work with on the Image Essentials sim, Kay Weston, Ally Dwyer and Nikki Demariz all create poses, pose sets and props that work with those poses. You can also find poses all over the sim for photo ops in settings that are as diverse as our Second Life.

Featured Demise of Flight Killer Curves Pose Set
Featured Demise of Flight VaVaVoom Dress
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Colors - Storm
3. Truth: Soleil
4. [NikitaFride]: Long Eyelashes Ludic Drama
5. Face Paint: Lip 2 - 8
6. Alice Blue: Inspire Jewelry Set
7. Infinity Insanity Moments: Betty Heels
8. Glam Affair: Amberly

Demise of Flight is one of the stores on the sim. I got this pose set called Killer Curves and the VaVaVoom Dress from this store. The pose set should work with most dramatic choices for extra large sized breasts or the Lola Tango breasts. The dress is just a lovely mesh piece with a simple subtle color block.

You'll also find these great releases from Demise of Flight. I don't have enough alts to photograph them individually but if you're looking for some great public space or private space poses for groups or couples, try these and others. There are quite a few vendor adds shared here, but if you make the time to scroll through them, you might discover the perfect one for you and your home.

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