Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Made a Decision

As I worked through the past week, I realized that sometimes there are so many good choices that making a decision becomes difficult. I think we cycle through hundreds of 'eh' decisions in our day, which could overwhelm, but we also have to say a firm "NO" or a firm "YES" but the choice to do so is harder than it looks.

Face Paint has a great team already and this week I've worked on finding the best blend of people who might fit into the already good team and because of their skills and experience or enthusiasm, many of them are nearly identical, many 'YES' possibilities. It's harder than it looks.

When I prepare an outfit for a blog, I have to sort through multiple 'YES' options, and find the best of the yes to compliment all the other pieces. [[Massoom]]'s creator, Amber has put four sets of poses out for the pose fair. Two are shown here in the photo and two displayed on a previous blog. A model/blogger has to sift through countless potential poses to find the best one or two to suit the outfit. Thankfully, skilled artists like her give us plenty from which to choose. Then Amber provides an array of outfits. Belle at Chop Zuey creates countless sets of jewelry, and Emotions designer Mirja Mills makes hair as diverse as possible and again with so many potential 'YES' designs, still only one fits just right.

Sure, there are easy moments, knowing a shade of yellow simply won't go with a shade of green, or a pose creates a physical impossibility, where it screams an obvious 'NO'. It's all the great 'YES' options, whether screening models or poses or other things, that keep me on the edge of my seat, passionately hoping I discovered the right piece to the puzzle of the moment. And I've just begun to learn. I hope it gets easier with time, but not too easy. Puzzles are exciting, stimulating and wonderful!

Featured [[Massoom]] Sit and Stand Poses from Pose Fair
Featured [[Massoom]] Neelam Dress Hollywood Event
Featured [[Massoom]] Nisse Dress Hollywood Event
Featured Chop Zuey Paparazzi III Hollywood Event
Featured EMO-tions Judy New Gift
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
3. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Mysteria
4. Face Paint Gems: Spring Gems 3 Wine
5. Sexy Mama: Valentine Manicure
6. Glam Affair: Amberly
7. Infinity Insanity Moments: Betty Heels

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