Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

So much of what we do in the fashion industry is subjective. What works for one setting may not even come close to fitting another setting. Opinions run rampant and it can be just as easy to find empty praise as it is to hear destructive criticism. I took a break from preparing for the Face of October semi-finals by doing this collaborative styling. From head to toe, everything in this photo relays someone besides my normal 'me.' 

There are two new shapes from Scandelicious, new skin and outfit from Mirror's Enigma and jewelry from {{BSD}}. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don't see myself at all, and I think it helps me when I focus intensely to share myself in other settings. All of it helps me grow in this modeling choice I've made for my Second Life.

Featured Scandelicious Shapes
-- Leesa
-- Marilyn
Featured Mirror's Enigma Eliza Peach Skintone
-- Smoky
-- Nude
Featured Mirror's Enigma Invidia Satin Bodysuit
-- Black
-- White
Featured {{BSD}} Sophisticated Model
-- Big Black
-- Mini Silver
1. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Colors - Storm
2. Amacci Hair: Silvia
3. Sexy Mama Valentine Manicure
4. Bubbles Gothic Maid Doll Socks
5. {PopTart}: Mesh Combat Boots
6. Poses
-- Di's Opera
-- Miamai

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