Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowpaws: Papillon Mesh Dress - New Release

Never too late to announce something new at Snowpaws! A new arrival came to Snowpaws a little less than a week ago (4.5.2013). I love it when Carrie goes on holiday. When she returns, she always seems to have fresh eyes and her creativity in high gear.

This sexy little number fits perfectly into your Spring wardrobe. Whether you're on a date, out shopping with friends or ready for a night of clubbing, you'll feel sexier as soon as you put it on and everyone will notice that. 

Around the shoulders and on each sleeve bright colors pop with Indian inspiration. Solid colors - plum, blueberry, coal and jade - make up the rest of the dress. (plum shown above)

If you haven't been to Snowpaws yet to get this delicious new release, you should!

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