Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Call of the Wild

Regardless where I travel in Second Life, I find multiple definitions of what 'WILD' is and how people approach wild to have fun, play and run with their imagination. The Fairy Glen is a new garden on a friend's sim and I was invited to see it. The gorgeous rich colors came out of places like Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, over the top, beautiful and wild. 

At Face Paint, several different series have approached 'WILD' with different points of view. Last year, the call of the wild played with animal prints and makeup. This spring, the geometric starkness of white and black inspired this new Sinister #1 checkered look. Paired with a new style from EMO-tions, Chevia partially hides the eyes and offers an air of mystery that also plays into this wild wide world.

Featured EMO-tions Chevia
Featured Face Paint Sinister #1
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
3. Chop Zuey: Mens Margherita Necklace
4. RYCA: Platinum Earrings
5. Glam Affair: Amberly
6.  Face Paint: Grace Green

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