Friday, August 2, 2013

Looks Like a Party -- Featuring Dot-Be Fashion

I think a lot of people spend their lives looking at the darker parts of their lives. It's easy to do. We live in a time in history that feels overwhelming. News programs and even large governmental agencies preach doom and gloom. If this were the end of the world, wouldn't that be the best time to embrace all that life offers and glean every ounce of good out of it.

Sometimes I talk with friends who need a little nudge, a hug, a smile and a friend. We all do. It's good to share one another's burdens. When I meet some who seem to feel the weight of the world on a regular basis, quick to sigh, to look sad, even the ':(' icon we've all come to know online as a symbol of unhappiness, I try to encourage. Eventually, the only person who's able to make a difference is that person.

I put on this dress from Dot-Be Fashion and had to rave about it immediately. It takes a lot to develop new techniques in Second Life that everyone hasn't already used. So as I put on Boniefacio Boucher's Alydah dress, I was speechless. I'd seen jewelry that flickered, and I imagined that the prim that becomes mesh could potentially work like other prims in Second Life, I had no way to prove it...

...until I put this dress on and sadly, a 2d photo does nothing to show it's flicker. I put together this style to show an every day chick on the go, looking to hang out with friends by the beach. A few people gather, and have a good time sounds like a party to me. I understand the difficult moments. We all have them. I hope you'll step past them, though. Find your party in your world, and if you don't see it, ask others to join you till you make your own party happen.

Featuring Dot-Be Fashion Alydah Picasso ** Please go to Dot-Be and try on the demo of this dress! You have to see the new incredible technique that Boniefacio developed. It's wonderful.

1. EMO-tions: Megan
2. Face Paint: Nyree
3. Face Paint: Art Nails
4. N-Core: Triumph
5. Crie Style: Kabuki

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