Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Over Already? -- Featuring KL Couture and Evolve

When I was younger, seasons were defined by the school year. Summer ended when school returned to a full session. My sons are grown now, but when they were little, school systems always seemed to return to class mid-August, and a week or so prior to that, there was a mad rush to prepare for the new school year. That's what this time of year reminds me of...

and that included shoe shopping and clothes and tons of odd school supplies, like boxes of tissues and pencil cases and so much other stuff. Stuff! It's that time of year now, time to prepare for fall and school and change. My world is simpler now. I had children when I was fairly young so at 43, they're both pretty doing their own thing and I don't measure time by their schedules anymore.

I'll have to use other cues now to remind me of seasons changing. I do research for several designers, looking at trends, colors for new seasons' arrivals, and other things that keep me grounded. Otherwise, because my world is mostly indoors, I wouldn't know seasons changed at all. Is summer over already? It seems like it just began. I appreciated those priceless years and all that we did with them. I also cherish the time I have now, the quiet, and the beauty of how life evolves for all of us.

Featuring KL Couture Robbie White Leather Dress and Jewelry
1. EMO-tions: Lala
2. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
4. Face Paint: Round Classic Prim Manicure
5. Face Paint: Color Stroke
6. Mirror's Enigma: Croix Light Skintone
7. Taken on Location at Image Essentials

Featuring Evolve Eden
1. Poetic Color: Oriental Pearl
2. *booN OPT129
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
4. Candy Nail: Chidori Gold
5. Liv-Glam: Amelia Bronze
6. Donna Flora Bonnin: Lara
7. Taken on location at Evolve

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