Friday, August 9, 2013

Did You Ever See a Lassie... -- Featuring Evolve, Finesmith, and Face Paint

Every day, or at least most days, I work hard to put together at least one new look styled, and take a series of photos. I learn something new about photography, or a new designer, or something comes along and helps me with what I do.

It's a little like being a star. You never know what you're going to be wearing and sometimes, it doesn't even look quite like you. I have enjoyed trying out new skins this week from several new designers as well as clothing from a designer whom I've blogged before, but not their clothing!

In this set of photos, I've got a gown on from Finesmith as well as Finesmith jewelry. I've also got on Kyxe's Laura Shape and Laura Skin by Kyxe Angel. I got the chance to show you this skin as a result of good friendships and word of mouth, what a privilege. Playing a role, being something lovely in hopes of helping introduce new designers like Kyxe Angel or support designers like yula Finesmith who've been around Second Life a long time.

Besides working for some of the designers I've met, I also hear advice from them on many topics, almost always on the subject of fashion. This week, Ms. Reign who owns Evolve, suggested I try Deeses Skins to wear when I work in her store. I went to Deeses and tried on every skin they have as she had asked me to to. I joined the group and then found there was a free skin as a part of that group membership. I put it on, and really liked it.

When I change shapes and skins for different designers, I don't mind. My brand is Caryn, yes. I'm marketing myself as well as helping support an array of creative people. Ultimately, my brand is what's inside my head and heart. To me, my greatest responsibility to my name is to keep my commitments, to tell you and everyone else I speak to at any time (not just when I'm at work) the truth.

If I'm true to me, regardless what the avi looks like, I hope I've earned enough trust and respect that encourages those who know me to enjoy what I present. If I don't care for something or someone, I take care of conflicts privately. If I don't have something kind or thoughtful to say, I just won't say it. I care about what I do. I want to make Face Paint, and all the other companies who've let me represent them in some way, shine as brightly as possible. When I do so, the woman behind the pretty pixels gets to shine too.

Featuring Evolve Garden Affair
Featuring Deeses Skins Loreen
Featuring IKON Sunrise eyes: Steel Blue Pale
1. Wasabi Pills: Lory
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
3. Purple Moon: Tears Me Not Set
4. Face Paint: Desire
5. Miamai Poses

Featuring Kyxe Laura Copper Skin and Shape
Featuring Face Paint Cara Warm
Featuring Finesmith White and Black Gown
Featuring Finesmith Cen Necklace and Earrings
1. EMO-tions: Forever
2. Poetic Color: Rain Tree
3. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
4. Poses in pose studio at The Creative Loft

Featuring Face Paint
1. IKON: Sunrise Steel Blue Pale
2. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
3. Luziefee: Hat, Dress and Jewelry

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