Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweet and Sexy -- Oh La La! -- Featuring Luziefee Quin in Red

The other luscious outfit I began styling Friday comes from Luziefee. I have a thing for Q and Z names for anything. It's a weird fanatical, but then you may have guessed by now, I'm weird! This outfit has an outer sweet side that reminds me of the burlesque style so hugely popular on and off line...

But it also has a layer I have not yet revealed, a sultry lacy bit of material to wear under this layer. It's twice the sexy and thus the ooh la la.

When I met Bliss, she was just venturing into creating gowns. The gowns in the early days were designed to be very texturally unique and using very static prims (no flexi, no sculpt, nothing but prims and texture). She'd done hair for a while at that point, and was one of the first women I knew who moved from prim to flexi hair when it was available. She's been amazing on this whole journey. Our paths crossed many times. Like many others, I went and continue to visit her sale, this time adoring and buying hats and hair. You'll see a few now and then in my blog, but sadly I cannot advertise for her, so I can speak of her and wish her blessings on her next leg of life's journey. I do think she met her goal and helped provide a lot of people with a little taste of bliss in their life.

Thank you!

Featuring Luziefee Quin Red Dress
Featuring Bliss Yanni and Rosanna Hat
1. IKON: Sunrise Steel Blue
2. Face Paint: Square Prim Manicure
3. Face Paint: Audrey
4. Mirror's Enigma: Vanity Tan Skintone
5. Liv-Glam: Odeur Over Knee Boots
6. N@N@: Upper Arm Bracelet
7. Heart of Rubies from Zarah Dawn's previous store
8. Taken on location at The Creative Loft

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